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  • We would like to share with our 1:1 de haute qualité réplique montres family that we, got the first prize of Eagean region by Pegasus Airlines thanks to your special contributions and its an honour for me that sharing this happiness with you- our family-. Thank you...
  • JAG UFS are proud to launch the new vehicle to our Fleet, along with our delivery trucks, we have now sponsored a London Taxi for the next year! If you visit the UK and are lucky enough to see réplique de...
  • During the 2014 annual meeting, we have awarded Yeditepe Transportation Company, as the member of the year. Voted by the majority of the WFO members, Yeditepe Transportation Company receibed the award from Mr. Ruben Perez, our last member of the...
  • During the 2013 annual meeting, we have awarded Lantia Maritima, as the member of the year. Voted by the majority of the replique montre de luxe suisse members, Lantia Maritima receibed the award from Mr. Ignacio Hernandez, our last member of the...
  • For those who were not present on our 2013 annual meeting, and a reminder for those who were there, but maybe forget it, we would like to tell you, to introduce you to very interesting tools that we have added...
  • Rolex replique
  • During the Annual Meeting in Cuba, a meeting between 3 members of the Members Committee (Mr. Nils Wittorf, Mr. Gary Wilcox and Mr. Varadajan Ramesh) and our Chairman, Mr. Leandro Harari was held. Different issues were discussed and all of them...
  • Due that this year´s member of the year award was really tight we decided to give a special mention to the companies that followed the elected member of the year. This is not something we usually do, but in this...
  • Unfortunately, replique montre de luxe mouvement Suisse this year, and due to personal reasons, our exclusive representation in Uruguay, H.B. Logistica S.R.L., member of the World Freight Organisation since 2008 couldn’t join us. Never the less, and after receiving the votes of...
  • A tool called Bill of Landing was specially created and developed for our members. 
  • There nothing wrong with adding a pair of long gloves to the mix. And you may wish to contrast with pearls, or jet necklace (lots of jet in Whitby, where they filmed Dracula). Also, consider threading pearls into your hair....
  • During the 2010 annual meeting, we have launched a new application available for all our members. This application can be accessed by all the members on the specially dedicated website. This application is an Online Handbook, with the following features:...
  • During the 2011 annual meeting, we have awarded to JAG UFS as the member of the year. Voted by the majority of the WFO members, JAG UFS receive the award from Mr. V. Ramesh, our last member of the year....
  • During the 2011 annual meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, a new version of the World Freight Organisation website was launched. In this Rolex répliques renewed version, new tools are available for our members. With a dedicated area for our members online...

Welcome to World Freight Organisation

Mr. Leandro Harari



It’s our pleasure to have you visiting our website today. WFO is a worldwide network with a semi exclusive membership, it means that number of members will be directly related with the country market size. Each member, with their own associated companies; all of them widely recognized by their experience and professionalism in their respective countries.

The strategic alliance allows WFO to be very competitive and also to be able to respond positively to the demands of the international transport and logistic market, consequently reducing costs and optimizing processes in order to offer a much more personalized service. This system allows WFO to offer a very flexible positive cost-benefit service along with a high level of efficiency.

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